BFC Church Planting Guide

How does a church plant go from idea to reality? This step-by-step guide walks a church planter through each step of the process. Use in conjunction with the Dynamic Church Planting DCPI Handbook.

BFC Multiplication Manual

How does an established church or group of churches become a multiplying church? This manual addresses fears and concerns about launching a church plant.

Leveled Off . . .

Is your church growing or plateauing? This guide helps your church leadership identify why your church has stalled in growth and what you can do about it.

Aquila and Priscilla Team

The success of the church plant is not up to the church planter alone. Individuals, couples, and families are needed to create genuine connections with the visitors and attenders. Find out how you can be an Aquila and Priscilla Team.

Resources for those Applying to Church Plant with the BFC

The Church Planting Internship contract has typeable fields to make filling it out easy for you.

Resources for Existing Churches

Resources for Church Planters

Resources for BFC Church Planters

BFC Graduation Resources

Bulletin Inserts and Prayer Calendars