Are you interested in church planting for the Bible Fellowship Church? Or maybe you just want to learn more about what church planting in the Bible Fellowship Church is like?  Use the form below to contact Director David Gundrum to schedule an initial conversation to see if we are a good fit for you. Keep reading to find out more about the Bible Fellowship Church and what it’s like to church plant with Church Extension Ministries. 

Who are we?

The Bible Fellowship Church is an expanding fellowship of churches united to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Over 10,000 people in over 70 congregations gather for worship in our churches every week mostly in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. We also have congregations in Maryland, Florida, New Mexico, and Mexico. This number is growing through the evangelistic efforts of each local church and through Church Extension Ministries (CEM) which plants new Bible Fellowship Churches. 

Assessment and Planning

Planting with CEM begins with an assessment to see what gifts and talents the Lord has given you. During the assessment process, location and methodology for planting will be discussed with you and with the Board of Church Extension. We know that each church planter and church plant is unique. We do not have a cookie cutter approach to church planting.

Partnership with the Planter

CEM provides each church planter with monthly coaching by our director who is a licensed coach and ordained pastor. Church planters have a guaranteed salary through support raising. Our budget fills in any gaps between support raised and promised salary. We only plant between 10-12 churches at a time so that each church planter gets the support they need to be successful in church planting to God’s glory. We also hire short-term church planting interns.

Doctrine and Polity

All church planters must hold to the Bible Fellowship Church Articles of Faith. We believe that all people are born sinners and by grace alone, through faith alone, those who believe receive forgiveness of sin based on Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. We practice believer’s baptism by immersion. We hold to a premillennial view of Jesus Christ’s earthy return and reign. You can see our full Articles of Faith here. 

Our local churches are self-governing through a Board of Elders elected by the congregation. Although autonomous, our churches are not independent. Each congregation calls its own pastor(s) with denominational approval. Pastors must hold denominational credentials. 

Church Planting Inquiry