Director David Gundrum felt a burden to see more people being saved not only in our church plants but in our denomination as a whole. There are so many people in our neighborhoods and workplaces who need to hear that Jesus Christ loves them and has sacrificed himself so they can be part of the family of God.

So David Gundrum chose “Now is the day of salvation” from 2 Corinthians 6:2 for the 2021 Church Extension theme and prayer focus. This year we are praying for people to be saved in our neighborhoods, homes, workplaces, and in the church.

At the time of this writing, it’s been six weeks since the Church Extension staff, supporters, and church planters have been praying together specifically for salvation. Praise the Lord! God has already been answering.

Here are some testimonies:

Prayer Walk in Cape May Courthouse

Church Planter Brad Boyer and Cape Community Church have been going on prayer walks in Cape May Courthouse. They ask people who they meet on the street if they can pray for them. They recently were on a walk and one man was especially interested. The prayer team talked with him, explained the gospel, and he prayed to receive Christ as his Savior. He has now been attending the church plant.

Some of the Cape Community Church Prayer Walk team

Tearful Rededication in South Allentown

Uli and Nichole Angeles, a new Aquila and Priscilla team, have joined Church Planter Stephen Diaz at Lighthouse BFC in South Allentown. They have a heart for serving and for reaching unbelievers with the gospel. Recently, a young man visited the church plant. Uli prayed that he would return the next week. He did return. After the service, Uli met with him to pray and then called a group of people to come pray with him. The young man wept as he recommitted his life to the Lord.

Lighthouse BFC in South Allentown worship team

Patient Prayers in Mexico

The church plant in Villa Magna, Mexico is finally able to meet in person again! Church Planter Freddy Chi moved the worship services to the morning instead of the evening so more people are able to attend and have time to fellowship together after the service. One man has been attending the church for a long while with his believing family although he was not a believer. But that has changed now! Just recently the man has trusted Christ as His Savior. Praise the Lord!

A pre-quarantine picture of the Villa Magna, Mexico Church Plant

The Holy Spirit is Working

We continue to hear how the Holy Spirit is working in lives. Just this week Church Planter James Reff from Grace Community Church in Chestertown, Maryland had a cold call from someone in the community asking about baptism. John Hanner at Living BFC in Adams County and Mark Morrison at CROSSroads: a BFC Church in Elverson, PA are getting to know the visitors that have attended their services recently to find out where they stand with the Lord.

The Holy Spirit is also at work in the lives of people around you. Ask God for opportunities to share the gospel so the unbelievers you know will not be lost in their sin, but will rejoice forever with God in heaven.

Now is the day of salvation!