The preparations that go into the public launch or re-launch of your church plant and worship celebration are vitally important. Having a well planned launch will set forth the lasting impressions you want your core group and visitors to have when they leave your church plant for the first time and every time following.

Below are resources about the launching steps and planning that will help church planters and the church planting core group leadership teams when planning to launch your church plant.

Book Sections on Launching:

  1. DCPI Handbook – Pages 209-240
  2. Breaking the Missional Code by Ed Stetzer and David Putman, pages 153-169
  3. Planting New Churches in a Post-Modern Age by Ed Stetzer, pages 258-265
  4. Planting Growing Churches in the 21st Century by Aubrey Malpurs, pages 317-340
  5. First Steps for Planting a Church by Gary Rohrmayer and Lee Stephenson

Web-site / Blogs / PDFs on Launching

1. Free Launch Plan Strategy Documents – Church Planting Solutions has put together four sample documents for new church plants.

2. Church planting timeline. See the Church Planting Timeline in all its glory!

3. Planter Tutorial step by step

4. [PDF] Developing a Launch Plan by Todd Wilson

5. Seven Steps for Church Planting from North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

6. [PDF] The Year Leading Up to Your Launch

7. Launching a Church: Vision and Goals from Building Church Leaders

8. [PDF] Multiply Newsletter from Mission to North America, PCA

9. Launching a Church: Vision and Goals, from Building Church Leaders

10.  Launching Your Church with Servant Evangelism

11. Planting a Church with a Small Launch Team (or none at all)

12. BFC Church Planting Guide –