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Director David Gundrum spends a lot of time visiting the particular churches in the Bible Fellowship Church as well as the Mission Churches. Recently he has noticed an increasing need for reliable, solid Biblical and Christian counselors. He asked Bible Fellowship Church pastors and leaders who they send their congregants to when there is a significant need for Biblical and Christian counseling.

Each of these counselors and therapists below has been suggested by a pastor or leader from a Bible Fellowship Church. This list can give you a good place to start as you prayerfully research which Biblical or Christian counselor or therapist would be the best fit for you.

The Difference Between Biblical and Christian Counseling

When looking for a counselor or therapist, you will come across two terms: Biblical counseling and Christian counseling. Although the two approaches are related, they are not identical. Biblical counselors have been trained to give direct instruction and guidance from God’s word when appropriate throughout the counseling sessions. Although Christian counselors are informed by God’s word in their counseling approach, they may or may not give direct instruction from God’s word during a counseling session. When investigating possible counselors to see who is a good fit for you, ask the counselor or therapist what role Scripture has in their approach to counseling and what role Scripture has a typical counseling session.

Christ-Centered Counseling Ministries

Clyde Bomgardner was the most recommended Biblical counselor by the Bible Fellowship Church pastors. Clyde was a BFC pastor for many years before he felt the Lord calling him to start Christ-Centered Counseling Ministries. His counseling ministry is unique in that he and his associates, Nathan Trommler and Lulu Bocci, can meet you at one of many Pennsylvania Bible Fellowship Church. Christ-Centered Counseling Ministries can meet you at a Bible Fellowship Church in Berks County, Montgomery County, Lancaster County, Delaware County, Lebanon County, Dauphin County. Look on their website to find more specifics.

Other recommended Biblical and Christian counselors or therapists are listed below according to BFC Region:

Berks County

Pastor Scott Allison, New Life Bible Fellowship Church in Oley, PA

Certified Counselor through Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.

Contact him at sallison[at]

BuxMont Region

Lorraine Reich, Christian Counselor, Blue Lake Counseling Services,, 215-907-2363, (recommended by Clyde Bomgardner)

Capitol Region

Hope and Restoration Counseling

Offices in: Lititz, New Cumberland, and New Providence, PA


Lehigh Valley

  • Pastor Adam Crain and several certified lay counselors, Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church, Allentown, PA,


Ed Ruiz of Safe Harbor Counseling

Ellicott City, MD

New Jersey

Pastor Ron Burgess MA, LAC, Pastor of Newark Bible Fellowship Church

Maplewood, NJ

Other Resources

If one of these counselors above is not a good fit for you, and you are looking for a Biblical counselor for help with marriage counseling, conflict resolution, or breaking free from addiction, we recommend you check out the Association of Biblical Counselors.

If you have a Christian or Biblical counselor you would like to recommend for this list, please email or comment below.

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